Care of Creation & the Environment


As Christians, part of our dedication to God is to care for people who are poor (Psalm 82:4) and to care for God's creation (stewardship).

This means crying out for justice, but also taking responsibility for the effects our lifestyles have on the environment and the impact this has on poorer communities around the world.

Four reasons to act:
  1. God has called us to love one another and to be stewards of his creation;
  2. Climate change is already impacting the poorest people in the world;
  3. Our own actions contribute to climate change and we should act responsibly to keep the harm we personally cause to a minimum;  
  4. As Christians we need to take the lead on issues of poverty and the environment if we expect others to do so.


For more information about issues that affect our care of creation please click on the links below:



Paul Taylor, 22/09/2006