Prayer for Casa Re'Om

Dear Co-workers in Christ,


The Orphanage center of Casa Re’om has re-integrated almost six boys. To return back into their original families, relatives or step parents respectively. The process is long because it requires a follow up program to look after a child at least a year. CR continues giving out assistance to a particular child. For instance, we have to provide school materials and residence if necessary.

The six boys are out of CR and all we did is finding a place for studies. The other benefits are more difficult to follow up because of inadequate funds we have so far. We may consider it later on but at present we can do according to our resources.

We have recently received four small boys to stay with us at Inhamizua and seven small boys are basically sent to Dondo center. This is another challenge. We are organizing pictures so that we will send out soon to you.

  • Pray for a person we are looking to stay with the children at Inhamizua. We need a matured married person to caring the boys, especially the small boys.
  • Pray for Dondo orphanage center for the needy of water. The toilets are broken. It seems to be the sewage canal for this center does not function. Pray for the increasing in number for the orphans, the reason that many parents are dying due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases such as malaria, T.B., etc.
  • Pray for the healthiness of children in Dondo orphanage, especially for the recovery due to consequences of various diseases.
  • Pray for the finance resources for Dondo orphanage center.
  • Pray for a boy named Isaiah (7) who was praying near the entrance gate in Dondo, and eventually the gate has fallen on top of him. The recent report has said he suffered a fracture.

More details next email.


God richly bless you,

Pastor Bonga.