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what are they?

Ever had one of those days where the snooze button on your alarm clock has been hit a few times too often and you get to work having missed your time with God? What do you mean "every day"?! The Daily Devotionals have been devised as a short thought for the day, usually a verse or two of scripture and a thought on how we can apply those verses to our daily lives. Each devotional is published here, but is intended to be emailed to you each day, Monday - Friday, so that it can be the first welcoming email of your working day - every day!

Each devotional includes references for you to read your Bible with the study. If you have forgotten your Bible, you can read it online by clicking on this link to the Bible Gateway.



There is no charge for the Daily Devotionals but each devotional is only sent to people that have requested to receive them. We are not in the habit of sending "spam".

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