Team Visit to Casa Re-OM - November 2007

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The Boys at Inhamizua

Boys at Inhamizua

Team Arrive in Beira

Beira arrival


Eight members of St. Matthew's fy out to Beira on 5 November.

Team of 8 at Church on 4th Nov


  Back row - Bob Cooper, John Burgon, Phil Clucas, Dave MacLellan.  Front row - Sue Cooper, Corinne Mason, Julia Smith, Victoria Saxby.


They will be spending two weeks working with the children and doing practical maintenance at the various sites.    Casa Re-OM now runs two orphanages at Inhamizua and Dondo under the leadership of Pastor Antonio Bonga.



7 at airport

Those flying via Dubai made it to Birmingham Airport safely!



Martin Saxby, 08/11/2007