Stepping Deeper ~ Discipleship Training on Sunday Evenings

Steeping Deeper is a training and teaching programme that offers a variety of courses and training to help “disciple” Christians. A varied programme runs in St. Matthew's most weeks on Sunday evenings from 7.00pm-9.00pm. The programme has included:
                  Ministering Healing - how to minister healing in the power of the Holy Spirit.
                  An Ordinary Day With Jesus - Experiencing the reality of God in your everyday life
                  Leading Life-Changing Small Groups  for anyone wanting to know more about this ministry
                  On the Edge – equipping for mission. More adventure than course in sharing your faith.
You can make choices as to which courses are most appropriate for you to attend. Some you may need to “register” for where a workbook is involved, others you can just turn up.
All courses are open to members of other churches and a variety of trainers and teachers will be used, both from within St .Matthew’s and outside. Some courses will be repeated as necessary or appropriate.
We do hope you will want to come to some of these courses. Please feel free to invite a friend to join you!
Coming soon:
Omega What does the bible teach about the Second Coming of Jesus? There is so much written about it in the bible and yet most of us know so little.  Omega is an eight week course with teaching on DVD by Mike Bickle giving a broad overview of his interpretation of the end times, describing the people, places and events that matter most at the end of the age.
Network - this helps help you discover your ministry by offering a process of:
                               - 3 discovery sessions 
                               - a personal consultation 
                               - opportunities to be involved in ministry



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