News & Prayer Requests from Pastor Bonga

Dear Co-workers in Christ,

It has been a pleasant moment to greeting you in the mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the savior and the redeemer of our lives.

The ministries of nurturing the orphans at Youth With A Mission and the Body of Christ Church have been running very well but with more challenges.

At YWAM we have a number of small boys and girls who are staying at an orphanage center of both DONDO and INHAMIZUA. Usually, the providing of food, education and accommodation is part of the challenge.

A small child to have a good health requires riches and vitamins foods which are very expensive. Anyway, God has given to me that I cannot refuse. I am always happy to serve for the children (at any age), and mainly I have to thank the individuals and groups who are helping my project.

I would like to mention the St. Mathews Church, Rugby, U.K. for linking together with me to support the construction work and the running costs at Inhamizua (76 boys) and Dondo (24 children) orphanage centers of CASA RE-OM. Their support is improving the standard of living of our children. The cases of orphans are increasing in number the reason that many parents are dying due to HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Now, the construction of two blocks of classroom is underway. We are receiving two different groups from St. Matthews Church in August and November this year. In March this year the churches of St. Matthews, Rugby and St. Peter’s, Hersham, had invited Pastor Bonga, Boniface and Simao to visit them in England. Uh! What a great moment for us! We were well received and we felt at home.

Actually, to narrate the issue with the Body of Christ church, well, I appreciate Dwayne and Nancy (missionaries from U.S.A.) for their zealous in mission work. They have been financing the teaching and Seminaries I have been conducted for several years.

Recently, I was accompanied by a group of 16 people whom we had traveled to visit the churches in Tete Province and Malawi. The journey went well. We were able to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. We were trying to feeding the already existing churches with spiritual food. Our brothers there are strong and willing to continue growing in Christ’s love.

My team (16) and I had a successful trip because we had been ministering to the ladies, youths and men. I had time to revise the various issues concerning the leadership from the Bible.

In Malawi we met 3 pastors who had attended the Leadership Training Course at International Body of Christ Church, Manga-Beira, Mozambique. All of these Pastors are doing very well, and their churches are showing fruits of what they had learned at school. In short, you can see how Dwayne and I can do as the instrument of the true message of Jesus Christ. I was impressed to see how the leaders are working with the churches, and I decided to help them with some funds towards a church building. All Christians are zealous for this transition of job. Pastor Julius is the leader of all churches in Malawi. The visit had begun on 13th to 23rd of June 2007.

On 23rd July 2007, I will lead another seminary in the district of Maringue where the civil war was hot in those years. To get to Maringue it is very far and the road is not good at all. My own car is too old and I cannot drive all the way to Maringue. It is one of the trips that will cost a lot because we will need enough money to cover up with transport.

Prayer Request:

1. Pray for my ministry and finance
2. Pray for the children at Inhamizua and Dondo orphanage centers
3. Pray for my health
4. Pray for my car to help with transport

God richly bless you,

Pastor Antonio Tomo Bonga.

Pastor Antonio Bonga, 08/07/2007