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Justice Themes: Small Group Resources on Justice Themes (Download .pdf)

Title: Ten – Living The Ten Commandments
Author: J John
Published: Kinsway
ISBN: 0-85476-874-2
Used by: Several groups
Number of Studies: 10 – One commandment each
Comments: Shared one book (£8) between the group. Sometimes covered two commandments in one week.
Generally well received. Study notes put together by DaveMacLellan
Title: Character – Who you are when no one is looking
Author: Bill Hybels
Published: IVP
ISBN: 0-85111-339-7
Used by: Paul Taylor, Dave MacLellan
Number of Studies: 6 (Courage, discipline, vision, endurance, compassion, self-sacrifice
Comments: Group used one booklet between them. Interesting! Copy available in Church Centre Resources Box. Has ‘built-in’ leaders guide.
Title: An ordinary day with Jesus
Author: John Ortberg and Ruth Haley Barton
Published: Willowcreek Resources
ISBN: 074413722-5
Used by: Church
Number of Studies: 8 (Living in Jesus’ name, everyday relationships, work,leadings, solitude, spiritual pathways, pace of life,making the ordinary extraordinary.
Comments: Copies of participants guide in Church Office.
Title: The Incomparable Jesus – Experiencing the power of Christ
Author: Don Cousins & Judson Poling
Published: Willowcreek Resources
ISBN: 0-310-59153-8
Used by:
Number of Studies: 13
Comments: Copy available in Church Centre Resources Box. Jackie Davy has a copy of the Leaders Guide.
Title: Sermon on the Mount
Author: Jenny Baker
Published: Spring Harvest
ISBN: 1-85078-407-8
Used by: Jackie Davey
Number of Studies: 8 (How should we live, Citizens of the Kingdom, the church community, beyond the law, keep it secret, do not worry, forgive and be forgiven, back down the mountain).
Comments: Also contains leaders guide. Very good!
Title: Grace – an invitation to a way of life
Author: John Ortberg, Laurie Pederson & Judson Poling
Published: Zondervan
ISBN: 0-310-22074-2
Used by: Phil Hemsley
Number of Studies: 7 (Living in grace, grace for regrets, sustaining grace, delighting in grace, a legacy of grace, grace forever, grace to share).
Comments: Also contains leaders guide. Worth doing!
Title: Transparency – Discovering the rewards of truth telling
Author: Bill Hybels
Published: Zondervan
ISBN: 0-310-21715-6
Used by: Andy Dernie & Phil Hemsley (Others in series used by Jill Coleman)
Number of Studies: 6 (Secret conversations, five deadly lies, truth or consequences, games people play, expressing positive emotions, hearing the truth).
Comments: Also contains leaders guide. Andys group found it good. Probably best for well established groups.
Title: Angels
Author: Douglas Connelly
Published: Scripture Union
ISBN: 0-86201-998-2
Used by: Jackie Davey – Others is series also used by Jackie Saxby
Number of Studies: 12 (eg Angels amongst us, Jesus and the angels, dealing with demons, guarded by angels, discerning the spirits).
Comments: Also contains leaders notes. ~100 topics in the series. Cost ~£3.50 each
Title: What the Bible says about…John Grisham’s Thrillers
Published: Scripture Union
ISBN: 1-84427-021-1
Used by: Gail Long
Number of Studies: 4 (The lawyer, the victim, the criminal, the judge).
Comments: Also covered in this range, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, Friends, Chocolat, The matrix, TV game shows, Dido:No angel etc
Title: What the Bible says about…How to be Good
Author: Nick Hornby
Published: Scripture Union
ISBN: 1-85999-610-8
Used by: Gail Long
Number of Studies: 4 (marriage, Being Good, Being Bad, Guilt).

Title: Acts
Author: Phyllis Le peau
Published: Scripture Union
ISBN: 0-86201-849-8
Used by: Gail Long/ Brenda McDonald
Number of Studies: 24 (Covers all 24 chapters).
Comments: This leaders notes.. Lifebuilder bible studies cover a wide range of areas including old/new testament, character studies & topical studies. Brenda has several books too
Title: A Good Return
Published: Tearfund
ISBN: na (video)
Used by: Gail Long
Number of Studies:
Comments: Work of Tearfund in helping women in Bangladesh find work. Used as openers for mission/global focus studies.
Title: A Feast for Advent
Author: Delia Smith
Published: The Bible Reading Fellowship
ISBN: 0-7459-3519-2
Used by: Brenda McDonald
Number of Studies: 4 (week 1, awakening to God, 2, Prepare the way, 3, in joyful hope, 4, O come!)
Comments: Series of short texts, prayers and meditations.
Title: A Feast for Lent
Author: Delia Smith
Published: The Bible Reading Fellowship
ISBN: 0-7459-3256-8
Used by: Brenda McDonald
Number of Studies: 7 (The appeal, return, repentance & conversion, listening to the word, prayer, growth, holy week)
Comments: Series of short texts, prayers and meditations.
Title: 77 Bible Studies for 21st Century Mums
Author: Mary Pytches
Published: Monarch Books
ISBN: 1-85424-522-8
Used by: Rachel Cullip/Jo Parker
Number of Studies: 77 Studies in 8 chapters (eg Family matters, who am I, Lessons from 7 women, relationships, true maturity)
Comments: Cost £8. Not recommended to do whole book! Only need one copy per group.
Title: The Prayer of Jabez for Women
Author: Darlene Wilkinson
Published: Multnomah
ISBN: 1-57673-962-7
Used by: Rachel Cullip/Jo Parker
Number of Studies: 6 Chapters (eg made for more, safe to succeed, a life without limits, never the same)
Comments: Cost £7. Not really a study book put small group read a chapter before the meeting and then discussed some of the questions.
Title: Pleasing God
Author: Jack Kuhatschek
Published: InerVarsity Press
ISBN: 1-85999-345-1
Used by:
Number of Studies: 9 (eg amazed by grace, living by faith, looking at your heart, keeping the peace, obeying His commands)
Comments: Comes with leaders notes
Title: Learning to live – Book 6 – Moving Towards Maturity
Author: Peter Dowse
Published: Navpress
ISBN: 0-948188-294
Used by:
Number of Studies: 7 (eg Knowing the Lord, standing against sin, understanding yourself, managing your life)
Comments: Copy in church centre resources box. Also book 4 – Developing discipleship
Title: Learning to Listen – workbook on relationships in the church, community & family
Author: Various
Published: CPAS
ISBN: 0-907750-44-3
Used by:
Number of Studies: 6 (eg Listening to: God, neighbours, friends, myself, young people)
Comments: Copy in church centre resources box. Also Learning to Pray and Learning to communicate the gospel in a non book culture.
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Dave MacLellan, 24/05/2007