Letters of Greeting from Pastor Bonga's Church

International Church Body of Christ In Mozambique
Led by Pastor Bonga

The Church Department above give thanks for this kind of love of inviting our Pastor to come there, the Church hopes that you will both have a good time, we want to work together with you in Church issues, in the Ministries, Teachings, Orphanage Centers in Inhamizua and Dondo.

Here are 3 departments writing this letter to you, the department of the Youth, Mothers and the overall department.

By the fact of Amai Bonga not participating on this trip, the Church thought of sending brother Simao, he is our history of Casa Re-om at Inhamizua, he grew up at Casa Re-om and he knows everything about Casa Re-om, everything that he will tell you is what we want to let you know.


We wish you a very good time; all that will be done and said let it be in the hands of the Lord.

Sorry for Amai Bonga did not participate on the trip for she is organizing the ladies national conference we are so sorry for her not coming there

In everything, the Pastor will represent the Ladies issues, Youth and the overall department.
Beira, 12th March 2007

The National vice-Pastor
Jaime Tomas Castigo



International Church Body of Christ
Mothers Department

Us, the mothers do exercise our activities in many ways in Jesus Christ.

We visit the people suffering of HIV-AIDS, we pray with them so that they may know Jesus as their Healer and Savior of their lives and we give them what is prepared for them, Bananas and Oranges.
And still this year in February there was a flood that affected Mozambique in Tete, Manica and Sofala Province, destroyed many houses and many people lost their goods. In same the Month the cyclone passed by and also did a lot of destruction, people lost their houses including Christians, we don't have any means or ways to help them but we are asking your prayers to God so that he can help us also asking a hand from you so that together we may take the Lords name On and On.


At our Church it destroyed some houses made of mud, we are asking for your prayers to God and your hand to help us rebuild the houses in the name of Jesus the Prince of Love and of Peace.
We have a project of caring for the widows, we assist them in their houses for they don't have anyone to take care of them, and we also take care of Orphans that their parents died of HIV-AIDS.

In all these projects that we are exercising we ask the Lord Jesus as the owner of all things and the power of the Holy Spirit to help us for by ourselves we can do nothing. Also reminding you of the Team that came to visit us coming from England, Pastor Martin with his Wife. The Seminar that they realized convicted many Souls, that Seminar was and is still a Blessing to us. Pastor Martin and your Wife, Brother Philip, Brother Graham, all those Brothers included on that trip and all Believers in Christ.


May God richly bless you.

See you next time or we shall meet in Heaven.

Deut 22v4, 2Cor 9vl0-15 ITess 3v12-13 Matt 25v35


Our final greetings: ITess 5v25-28

Mother in Charge
Rosa Bonga



Greetings from the Youth of International Body of Christ church

The Youth Group is happy to convey greetings to all fellow Christians in your church.


We are praying for you during whole night prayers we have in our church, that our Lord Jesus may protect you and giving blessings to all of you. We are looking forward to Jesus who is able to fulfill his promises, and he never fails. Let us taking opportunity of expressing the changing of experience among youths of your church and Mozambique church, we are wishing to visit your church and youth of your church may visit us in Mozambique.

Very grateful to be listening to our speech

May God bless you all

On behalf of youths of international body of Christ church
Youth Leaders:



Martin Saxby, 17/03/2007