Read the Bible in a Year

The year 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the Authorized Version of the bible when it first became widely available in English during the reign of King James.  To celebrate this special anniversary we are encouraging people to read the whole bible in a year!

Reading the bible in a year is a rewarding experience and not as difficult as you might think.  Using a plan is a good idea as it provides a balance of Old and New Testament readings which is easier and more profitable than simply starting at page 1 and working through to the end.
The plan we recommend provides a few verses from Psalms or Proverbs, a chapter or two from the  Old Testament and some verses from the New Testament each day. The readings are consecutive which ensures you get into the flow of the text rather than jumping around. This also gives a good overview of scripture and a good understanding of the story of the bible. 
This plan requires about 15 to 20 minutes each day, much less than may be spent reading the newspaper or watching the TV and manageable by anyone!
It is available in three versions to download, one to print and two that can be imported into either Outlook Calendar or Outlook Tasks – this gives you the daily plan on your PC or your PDA.
1. Printed Version – download and print onto two sides of A4. 
2.  Outlook Tasks – download and import into your Outlook Tasks folder. Each day’s readings will appear in your task list for the day.
3. Outlook Calendar – download and import into your Outlook Calendar folder. Each day’s readings will appear in your calendar at the top of each day.