Visit to Casa Re'Om October 2006

In October 2006 6 members of St. Matthew’s church travelled 5000 miles to Beira, the second city of Mozambique to visit the orphanage we support called Casa Re-Om – the house of the good shepherd – it is run by a team led by Pastor Bonga, a church leader in Beira. St. Matthew’s has been supporting the work for over 6 years and a number of teams have visited in this time.
The boys in the orphanage have been taken in from the streets of the city of Beira – they may have no parents, often through the effects of Aids/HIV or they may have been thrown out by families unable to afford them or cope with them, especially if families have split up. One of the team members in Beira, Augusto, was himself a street boy, abused by his uncle, he has now learnt English, been to bible school and works with the boys both in the orphanage and on the streets.


Our team helped in practical ways such as decorating, repairs and upgrading their computers; we were able to spend time with the boys and give them simple gifts, and Martin was invited to speak at a conference for pastors for three days.


Visiting Beira was a personal challenge to each member of the team as we encountered situations we were totally unfamiliar with – Beira is a dangerous city, sanitation is primitive, the average life expectancy is in the 40s. People in the city live in semi-derelict buildings; the roadsides out of the city are densely packed squatter camps with no electricity, running water or toilets.  The best conditions are out in the country where people live in traditional mud huts.
It was humbling in these circumstances to find the Mozambiquans such lovely, friendly and faithful people.
The team report on Sunday 19 November and more fully on Sunday 10 December at 6.30pm