m2o Churchwardens Update No. 6
Sunday 16th June 2013


We want to thank all those who prayed about, and those who responded to, the three questions that we asked last month in Update No. 5. Over 50 people made their views known.

We asked, ‘What do you believe is God’s special call to m2o over the next five years?’ The overwhelming answer was ‘a call to the communities of the parish, responding to need and getting our hands dirty’, plus the desire ‘to heal the hurts, breakdown the cliques and build confidence within m2o’.

We asked again about our strengths and weaknesses. Your answer was that God has provided us with the people and the gifts he wants to use, especially supportive small groups. But we think we have lost something of our identity and have seen a decline in numbers.

We asked about the experience, gifts and character that are needed in our new vicar. Answers described someone focused on Jesus, walking with the Spirit, a pastor, an encourager, a collaborator and a good communicator, who will be a visible presence in the parish and at ease working with struggling communities.

The PCC was able to consider these views as it discussed the ‘person specification’ at its meeting on 20th May.

The Section 12 Meeting of the PCC
The PCC met with representatives of the diocese, the deanery and CPAS on Monday 10th June. We discussed and agreed the Parish Profile and worked through the selection process.

In summary, the post is now advertised. You can access the details at www.coventry.anglican.org/home/vacancies. The closing date for applications is Monday 8th July and interviews will be held during in early September. The selection panel then makes a recommendation to Bishop Christopher.

Please pray for the selection panel.
  • Marion MacLellan and Richard Farnell, our Parish Representatives
  • Archdeacon Morris, who chairs the panel
  • Archdeacon John
  • Graham Archer, CPAS
  • Peter Watkins, Rugby Area Dean
  • Kevin Downham, Lay Chair of Deanery Synod

What to do now?
As we keep saying, please pray that God’s purposes will be done among us, in His love and with confidence in Christ alone.

With our love and prayers,

Mark Richard Graham
Mark austin Farnells Graham old
[576076] [578258] [550552]
email: churchwardens@m2o.org.uk


‘Words’ from Pentecost 24

At the church centre, looking through the windows upstairs and on the landing you can see many houses facing the church, a pub, the side of a shop, a bus stop, people walking by, people driving past.

We can see them if we look. How is it for them looking at us, particularly if they can see the church all day every day through their windows? What is it like for them having a church family as a neighbour?

I want you as my body to be visible. Don’t go into buildings and shut yourself away as I am the light of the world.

Graham Old, 22/06/2013