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2013: Easter24 Prayer (29,30 April) , Pentecost24 Prayer (18,19 May)

We plan to have more 24 hour prayer events - click here to let us know you would be interested in knowing more

"I just wanted to provide feedback to Easter24 Prayer. I found it to be very emotional and uplifting.  I did not know there were so many ways to pray and things to pray for!!  ...So much so, that I could have done with another hour to give all the themes justice.

Please can we do something like this again soon.
" (David Thomas)

  • Everyone welcome (adults and children). Parents, please come with your children.
  • Children’s prayer activities 12-3pm (with lunch 12.30-1.15pm).
  • Prayer happens in the Church Centre, 1A New Street.
  • When you come to pray you will be welcomed by one of the Easter-24 Prayer Team, who will be on hand throughout the 24 hours of prayer.
  • When you come to pray you will find various ways of praying and waiting on God.

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