m2o Churchwardens Update No. 5
Sunday 5th and 12th April 2013


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Monday 22nd April. We were delighted with the high number of people attending, nearly twice the number the previous year. Thank you to all who stood for election to the PCC; there were 14 nominations but only 8 places, so some were understandably disappointed. The results mean that the average age of the PCC has risen. This is a reminder for us all to listen to every part of m2o during this important year.

The Section 11 Meeting of the PCC
The new PCC met on Monday 29th April 2013 to consider matters relevant to the selection of a new incumbent for m2o. We discussed the format and content of the Parish Profile that we draft with the patrons and the diocese.

Many contributed to our discussions in early February, led by Archdeacon Morris, on the eight essential qualities of growing churches.  The Parish Profile will build on the conclusions we reached then about our current strengths and weaknesses.  NOW the Churchwardens and the PCC would like to know more of what you think.

The following questions are directed to every group and section of m2o and individuals who would like to make their views known.

Question 1

What do you believe to be God’s special call to m2o over the next five years?

Question 2

What strengths has God given us and what weaknesses does he want to use to make us more faithful, imaginative and joyful?

Question 3

What experience, gifts and character are needed in our new vicar?

Many of us have been thinking about these questions for months, so now is the opportunity to speak out the answers that God is forming in our minds and through our conversations.

Our timetable is short.  We have to complete a final draft of the Parish Profile by Monday 10th June.   The next PCC meeting is on Monday 20th May and, as part of its agenda, will consider your views.   Please send succinct answers to the three questions to the churchwardens using their group email address or by hand by SUNDAY 19th MAY.  All replies will be treated in confidence.

From Saturday 18th May at 09.00 to Sunday 19th May at 09.00 the Church Centre will be open for 24 hours of prayer.  Please pray for m2o, the PCC and our journey with Jesus at this time of Pentecost.

Please pray for Marion MacLellan and Richard Farnell who have been selected by the PCC as Parish Representatives in the selection process for our new vicar.

What to do now?
As we keep saying, please pray that God’s purposes will be done among us, in His love and with confidence in Christ alone. We look forward to hearing from you, soon.

With our love and prayers,

Mark Richard Graham
Mark austin Farnells Graham old
email: churchwardens@m2o.org.uk


Dates for your diary:                                  

Pentecost 24 hours of Prayer Saturday 18 May 2013 from 9am
Discussion of comments received Monday 20 May 2013
Section 12 Meeting with Patrons Monday 10 June 2013

Graham Old, 17/05/2013