m2o Churchwardens Update No. 4
Sunday 14 April 2013


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 24 hours of prayer over the Easter weekend. We understand that it was a significant time for many who took part and we look forward to a summary of any words that may have value for us as a whole.

Before the end of April we have two important meetings in the life of m2o.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting
The first is on Monday 22nd April, in church at 7.30pm. Annually we meet to elect churchwardens and PCC members as well as receiving the financial accounts and reports on church life. Please come to this important meeting.We start with Holy Communion, as we acknowledge Jesus as Lord.

In addition, the APCM provides an opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution to our life together.

When St Matthew’s and St Oswald’s combined to form the new parish, we still had two church buildings and it was appropriate that there should be four churchwardens. Now that we have just one church building and one congregation that meets in a community centre, Overslade, it is appropriate to reduce the number of churchwardens. With this in mind and also because of personal reasons, Glenn Lowde has decided not to stand for re-election as churchwarden. Glenn has played a very significant role in our life for many years and we would ask you to join us in thanking God for his service to our church.

Our treasurer of the last six years, Richard Mason, is also standing down. He has steered us through ‘interesting times’, so please make the opportunity to thank him. Churchwardens are exploring possibilities for a replacement, so please pray.

Section 11 Meeting of the PCC
On Monday29th April, just one week after the APCM, the renewed PCC will be meeting to make important decisions about the process for appointing a new vicar. Will you put time aside on that Monday evening to pray for us? We need to progress our drafting of the Parish Profile, decide who should be the‘parish representatives’ to work with our Patrons in the search for a new vicar, decide on advertising and selection, and formally make clear whether that will include the possibility of selecting a woman priest.

The next step in the process is another PCC meeting with CPAS, the Bishop’s representatives and the Diocese on Monday 10th June to agree the Parish Profile and details of the character and experience that we would be looking for in a new incumbent. Following that meeting it should be possible to start advertising the post.

What to do now?
As we said in our last Update, please pray that God’s purposes will be done among us, in His love and with confidence in Christ alone. Enjoy the adventure!

Please communicate with us. Ask questions. Tell us what you think. You can do this face to face, through email, phone or notes using the Churchwardens’ letter rack in the entrance to church.

With our love and prayers,

Mark Richard Glenn Graham
Mark austin Farnells Glenn Lowde Graham old


Dates for your diary:                                  

Annual Parochial Church Meeting Monday 22ndApril 2013
19.30 in Church
Section 11 Meeting Monday 29 April 2013
Section 12 Meeting Monday 10 June 2013

Graham Old, 17/05/2013