m2o Churchwardens Update No. 3
Sunday 10 March 2013


‘Thank you’ to all those who were able to make our meeting with Archdeacon Morris on Saturday 23rd February. Morris outlined the Diocesan priorities of ‘worshipping God, making new disciples and transforming communities’. Through many stories he sketched the essential qualities of healthy and growing churches. He encouraged us to honestly assess the strengths and weaknesses of m2o as the basis for our journey with God and filling the post of vicar.

What we thought!
After Morris’s presentation, voting indicated that we feel our strongest quality to be ‘holistic small groups’, followed by ‘loving relationships’ and ‘gift-oriented ministry’. Our weakest qualities are ‘empowering leadership’ and ‘need-oriented outreach’. When the PCC did this exercise last November very similar conclusions were reached. Morris challenged us to discuss how small groups could be used to do something about our weakness in empowering leadership.

We get to know each other in small groups, our interests, gifts and passions. Potentially, they provide a place for ‘apprenticeship’, for ‘mentoring’ and encouraging involvement. We are a diverse group of disciples. Are we prepared to recognise this diversity as a gift from God?

A printed summary of our voting and discussion is available at the back of church, including the words of encouragement and challenge received in the prayer time before the meeting.

What next?
On Monday 4th March the PCC met with our Archdeacon Pastor, John Green and the CPAS Patronage Secretary, John Fisher. Together with Morris, these representatives of our Patronswill work with us as we move towards filling the vacancy. They encouraged us to pray and work hard to discern God’s will for Martin’s replacement, whilst avoiding unnecessary haste.

The next few months are important. By June we aim to have agreement between the Diocese, Patrons and the PCC about the character and experience of a new incumbent for m2o. We then embark on a process of advertising and interviewing. Getting to that point requires the drafting of a ‘Parish Profile’ which will be done in conversation between Diocese, Patrons and PCC.

PCC members have a significant role to play in these processes. For example, theyapprove the Parish Profile and select two ‘parish representatives’ to join the Patrons in recommending a vicar to the Bishop. Such tasks will have to be undertaken very soon after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting [APCM]on Monday 22 April. Churchwardens are elected annually at this meeting. Also four PCC members will be elected for three years, until 2016, and a number of one year vacancies are to be filled.

What to do now?
Please pray that God’s purposes will be done among us, in His love and with confidence in Christ alone. Enjoy the adventure!

Please communicate with us. Ask questions. Tell us what you think. You can do this face to face, through email, phone or notes using the Churchwardens’ letter rack in the entrance to church.

With our love and prayers,

Mark Richard Glenn Graham
Mark austin Farnells Glenn Lowde Graham old


Dates for your diary:                                  

Annual Parochial Church Meeting Monday 22ndApril 2013
19.30 in Church

Graham Old, 17/05/2013