im2o Churchwardens’ Updates 

No. 1 Sunday 2 December 2012


Following Martin’s announcement about moving on, we felt it would be useful to start an occasional Churchwardens’ Update. We want everyone in m2o to be aware of issues that the interregnum might bring and the progress being made in the search for a new vicar.

Martin and Jackie’s farewell service for all of m2o will be at 11.00 on Sunday 27 January 2013. This provides an opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ for 22 years of service and friendship. Further details will be available shortly. 
As we face change together, Tim and Sheila have assured us of their love for the people of m2o and dedication to their current roles in the church and parish. Please encourage them in this through your prayers and active support.

The appointment process to find Martin’s successor will take months rather than weeks to put in place. We do this with our joint patrons, the Church Pastoral Aid Society and the Diocesan Trustees. The Bishops and Archdeacons also play a vital part. An initial meeting will be held involving the PCC, the patrons and the Diocese to commence the formal process. This has yet to be arranged.

A Profile describing the parish, the life of m2o and the challenges we face will be produced. In addition to the job description, a person specification will be agreed that outlines the gifts, talents, experience and aptitudes that are desired in the new incumbent. These statements will be agreed by all parties to the appointment and will be the basis for advertising the post, within the diocese and nationally.

It is only at this point that potential candidates will be able to assess their suitability for the post and make a decision about whether they should apply.

This is the case for any potential candidate, whether internal or external to m2o. Because this is the case it would be inappropriate for any of us to talk to Sheila or Tim about their intentions or to ask them about their views. They need the encouragement to get on with their current responsibilities and the space to reflect before God when the time comes for applications to be submitted.

On Saturday, 24th November the PCC and Ministry Team Leaders had a very valuable away day led by Morris Rodham, our Archdeacon Missioner. When the day was planned none of us could have predicted that Martin would be moving on, and particularly to work with Morris encouraging and enabling churches throughout the diocese to grow. Our Father God is the best planner around.

Morris started us on a journey to assess ourselves, m2o, against the eight essential qualities of healthy churches, looking for strengths and weaknesses. Everyone in m2o has something to contribute to such a self-assessment and so we have asked Morris to lead the whole church in this. We hope for a date early in the New Year. Every parish in the Diocese undertakes this exercise at some stage. It is proving valuable for all parishes, but especially for those facing an interregnum and an appointment process.

We four Churchwardens are beginning to realise the extent of our responsibilities in 2013. Please pray for us, and talk to us! We are committed to listen. At a recent conference attended by the PCC, we were challenged to ‘communicate, communicate, and communicate’! So that is what we will try to do. Our contact details are below. We hope you find our first update helpful.

With our love and prayers,

Mark Austin [576076]
Richard Farnell [578258]
Glenn Lowde [572611]
Graham Old [550552]

Mark austin Farnells  Glenn Lowde  Graham old

Dates for your diary:

Farewell Service with Martin and Jackie, for everyone

Sunday 27th January 2013, 11.00am at St Matthew’s and St Oswald’s

Morris Rodham – essential qualities of growing & healthy churches

Look out for a date early in the New Year

Graham Old, 13/05/2013