Welcome To your Churchwardens

Mark austin Graham old Farnells
Mark Austin
Tel:  01788 576076
Graham Old
Tel:  01788 550552
Richard Farnell
Tel:  01788 578258
Email:  churchwardens@m2o.org.uk

During the period of interregnum it falls upon your churchwardens to support and provide leadership to both the pastoral staff and the congregations across m2o.  With many years worshipping at m2o we feel honoured and blessed to be in this position.

During this time we are providing regular updates in the form of a newsletter.  Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or issues that you wish to raise.

Churchwardens Update No. 1    Sunday 2nd December 2012
Churchwardens Update No. 2    Sunday 3rd February 2013
Churchwardens Update No. 3    Sunday 10th March 2013
Churchwardens Update No. 4    Sunday 14th April 2013
Churchwardens Update No. 5    Sunday 5th and 12th May 2013
hurchwardens Update No. 6    Sunday 16th June 2013
Churchwardens Update No. 7    Sunday 1st September 2013

The advertisement for the post of vicar for m2o can be found at www.coventry.anglican.org/home/vacancies

Graham Old, 13/05/2013