Victoria's April Newsletter


With it coming up to a month of me being in England I thought I would just update you on what has happened this last month.

I have had various doctor/hospital appointments and have been to a back information class!

I had an MRI scan the results of which showed that I had a dehydrated disc and it was bulging. There is nothing that can be done for the dehydration, but I am able to have some physio for the bulging disc (commonly known as a slipped disc!) In Rugby there is a 12 week wait for physiotherapy which is why I was invited to a back class last week. One of the physio’s asked me to get in touch this week to see how I was doing, which I did and then she referred me back to the GP!! I am pleased to say that today (Thursday) I saw a doctor and she is happy for me to have some physio, (but has said if the pain gets a lot worse then to go straight to the hospital and I will have to have the disc removed) I then received a phone call from the physiotherapy department saying they thought I should be brought in for a full assessment and I have an appointment on Monday 9th May! I just hope now that this can be the start of the end with a recovery!!

I am still using my crutches when I am out and about but I am hoping that soon I wont need them so much! Unfortunately I still can’t drive!

I am missing the boys so much! It was hard the first couple of weeks because they all came down with a bug, and one boy had to have some surgery, and I did feel bad about not being there for them, but I am pleased to say that they are all well at the moment! I speak to them a lot on the phone, and the usual thing the young ones like telling me is who has been fighting with whom!! Mingolas always says the same, “Hi Mum, how are you, I miss you a lot!” today he started singing! There are also a few of them that are missing me more than others and they tell me when they have cried, and what they have done to help them feel better. I am sure once I know when I can go back everyone will feel more settled including ‘mum’!!!

While I have been away Oliveira was able to buy them a bible each with some money left by the church


At the beginning of March we (staff team) were set a challenge to read the bible in 6 months, and some of the boys decided to join in with us, and since they have had their bibles they regularly check where I am, and I did get told off when I said I hadn’t done much reading!!

I have been very pleased to see many of you since my return, I am very sorry to those of you who I haven’t seen yet, I will get round to seeing you!!  I seem to be filling my time with reading, going out and knitting!!!!!! And this last week enjoying some early English sunshine! This is a pleasant surprise for April!


While in England, it has really re-enforced in me the desire and passion to go back to Beira and to try and make a difference in these wonderful boy’s lives, and to work alongside the team as we work together for the best of the children, I am really looking forward to being back!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter – Feliz Pascoa! I will be in touch soon



Victoria Saxby, 25/04/2011