Victoria's March News from Beira Mozambique

At the end of February, Mum, Dad and Andrew came out and spent a week with me in Beira and with the boys! When they arrived they gave all the boys red noses, and explained a bit about comic relief the boys thought these were great!!


mar1mar2 mar3 mar4


While the family were here, they experienced my life in Beira with the boys, and mum even played UNO with their very own rules!!!




Dad shared with the boys in the Monday church, Andrew sang songs and played with them, it was a good week.

After that we went to South Africa for 6 days – I had to do this as I had to leave Mozambique for my visa! We had a good time – we went on safari and saw lots of animals, our car got chased by an elephant, we saw 8 month old lions and the last animal we saw was very special because it was my favourite – a Cheetah!! We also saw the three rondavels on the way back to Johannesburg!


mar6   mar7


Of course I missed the boys while I was away, but we managed to keep in touch by speaking and texting!!

I said goodbye to the family on 12th March, walked through security and met Phil at the other side! Phil was going to be with us for 2 weeks! It was really good timing as I can’t lift anything heavy, and for 2 weeks he was my dad!!

I arrived to great news, that the boy’s uniforms had been finished!! They look so smart!! The youngest boy Mingo (otherwise known as Mingolaz) didn’t need a uniform but when he saw the other boys being measured up he really wanted one and how can you saw no!




Phil arrived and on day two we had running water in the showers and toilets for the first time since December!! It was so good and the boys were so pleased and excited to have nice showers again!




He also managed to sort the lighting out, and I feel confident that with Alfredo, Pedro and Ismael we can continue to sort these things out!

Last weekend with Phil we went to the beach and as always had a great time, the boys LOVE going to the beach and ‘Mum’ was so happy because Mingolaz went into the sea on his own and loved it!! I was very proud of him and all the tears seemed so worth while the previous weeks!!






During this time I had been going to Physiotherapy, and unfortunately not seeing any progress, and as you know at this time I decided I thought I should come back to the UK, so this last week was very difficult and busy because I wanted to get as most sorted out as I possibly could. The boys took the news that I was returning as well as they could, some understood and some were sad, so for me it was a case of trying to keep the week as normal and fun as it normally is!


mar17 mar18


With Alfredo’s help I went shopping and bought all the boys a new outfit, a new pair of flip flops and underwear – they were all very happy to receive these – and looked lovely!




Then this last Thursday was my last day with the boys, I went hoping that I wouldn’t cry and I would enjoy the day with them. One of the boys in the week had been telling me how his mum and dad had died, but it didn’t matter because I was his mum now and that was good, then the following day he said “mum, are you going to die?” every one of them has asked when will I be back, I think this is the hardest thing for all of us because none of us know when, and then there is Mingolaz who doesn’t really understand everything apart from “Mummy esta doente” (mummy is sick) and he asked, “mummy are you going to England on chapa, car or plane!!!” what a sweetie.

Well, I suppose not unexpectedly when it came to say goodbye, the boys all sang, said thank you to Phil and me and then prayed over me, well of course I cried – and saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I had to do. Also when the boys you don’t expect to cry did, that also is hard to watch. I can’t explain how much I will miss them. Someone once asked me, “how can you love these children when they are not yours?” my answer was and still is, how can you not love them? They are the most special and precious boys, and though it was so hard to say goodbye, I thank God for giving me the privilege to be with them and love them.

I left Beira on Friday with Phil and I was very grateful to come back with him.

At this point I would like to publicly thank all the boys, Alfredo, Oliveira, Angelica, Mareliho, Suku, Governor, Abdiel, Debra and Ismael for being my family and for all their support to me especially during these last few weeks – eu saudade e ama todos voces. 






I am now back in Rugby, it is freezing here!!! Tomorrow I am planning to go to the doctor/hospital, so I will of course let you all know what the final diagnosis is, and what is happening. 

Many of you have asked to meet up, and I will love to do that, I will arrange meetings when I know what is happening with me from the hospital!

I would like to thank all of you too, for your love and support during the last seven months and especially while I have been ill – I couldn’t do any of it without your support, so thank you very much.

With love






Victoria Saxby, 28/03/2011