Victoria's February News from Beira


I know it is not the end of the month yet, but I thought I would send out a newsletter now because I know some of you have heard about my difficult last 3 weeks, and also in 2 weeks time my family are here, so I doubt I will get much time to write then.

As you know at the end of December I wasn’t feeling too well, in all honesty I don’t think I ever really recovered from whatever it was but carried on regardless, then I woke up one morning with a really bad pain in my stomach which over the course of 24 hours moved into my chest and side. It was a Tuesday afternoon and the pain was bad, I was having trouble breathing and walking, the boys were saying “Mum, go to the hospital, please” and they quickly got Alfredo over to help!

Anyway the next few minutes were frightening for the children and staff, they all gathered round me to pray for me, and during this time I lost all feeling in my arms/hands, legs and feet, I told Suku this and then they were all speaking in Portuguese over me saying “she is very cold, rub her hands and feet”.  As this was going on I could feel my face going numb, and the next thing I knew was I was being put in the car with Ismael and Alfredo either side holding my hands keeping them warm! I was pleased that I was aware enough to tell the children not to worry; Mum was going to be ok! Even if I doubted it myself!! We got to hospital and after they all discussed things I had an injection and was given some medication and was able to come home!

The next day Dave and Simon arrived from Rugby! While it was lovely to see them I was aware that I may not be able to do much with them, and my first priority was really to take them to the boys so I could let the boys know I was ok!!

We went for coffee and biscuits with the boys, and I had so many hugs and kisses – Luis said

“Mum, I was really scared, and when you left I went to the bathroom and cried and cried” 



They were words I didn’t like to hear, and I did feel so bad for putting the children through that experience.


The week with Dave and Simon went so quickly, they were able to do some handy jobs with us at the site, as well as provide much fun, we were able to go to the beach with the boys, which the boys just love, we even got Mingolaz into the sea again!! As well as the men played endless football matches! I was also grateful not to have to miss anything as I had feared!

 (Photo’s thanks to Dave!)

Simon led our Monday ‘church’ with the boys, and Dave led our staff prayer time, it was certainly no holiday for them here!!


 (with the boys and staff team)


They left back to England and we carried on! Only over the weekend I got worse! During the week the men were here I still had this continuous pain and was finding it hard to walk, then at the weekend I had a fever and sore throat, so last Monday it was back to the hospital for me, I was prescribed injections in my side for 5 days and antibiotics for my throat and rest! So this last week apart from daily visits to the hospital for my injection I have pretty much been at home, although I was allowed out to get my hair cut this week!!!


Generally now I feel so much better in myself, I have completed the injections today, and have 4 more days of antibiotics. My leg is not completely right but compared to what it was like is so much better!!


Oliveira and Angelica have really looked after me so well at home, and Alfredo has been a great support to me, taking me to hospital and listening to me when I have felt bad!


I don’t want this to sound all doom and gloom, because if anything that has come out of these last few weeks, it is I have a new realisation as to how special the people here in Mozambique are, all the YWAM Beira staff have all been so caring and supportive to me, and when I have felt bad about not working this week, they have supported me through it all and told me to rest and encouraged me! I also know many people in England and Mozambique have been praying for me, and I do believe that has helped a lot, as well as supportive messages from people in the UK.


As of next week I plan to be back at work again as normal and hopefully start implementing new ideas that I have, and working with the team in any way I can support them.


I am also fast approaching the half way mark here, so I am also thinking about what happens when September comes, do I return to England full time, or come back to Mozambique, so the next few weeks will see me researching the possibilities of both.


Some days I feel all I do is hug the children and give them love, but in a quiet moment I had this week I realised that that is not all that bad, and if I am here to give them a mother’s love and hug them, then what greater privilege is there than that? I love it here, and I feel honoured to just share a little bit of these very special children’s lives.






Victoria Saxby, 12/02/2011